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Off-grid Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

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September 10, 2017 from 10am - 12noon at the Just Food Farm (2389 Pepin Court).  Meet at the big red barn.

We will do a hands-on workshop to teach the basics outdoor mushroom growing.  We will have 3 different stations working with 3 different mushroom types.  You will get a chance to inoculate shiitake mushrooms into hardwood logs, oyster mushrooms into straw, and King Stropharia mushrooms into wood chips.  We will talk about the lifecycle of mushrooms and learn how to keep these colonized mushroom media producing crops for many years.

The cost of the workshop is set at $25.  There will be an option to take home your projects for a small materials fee of $10.  Printed handouts will be supplied to help you care for your projects, as well as troubleshooting support via email and Facebook group.