Sweet Sweet Potato


Though not quite a perennial in our part of the world (Zone 4), certain short season types do grow well here. There are many benefits to this delicious tuber. Due to last year’s success, we are setting up to grow Covington sweet potatoes again. We cured even some small potatoes so that we can use them to propagate this year’s batch.

1) Easy Keepers: When properly cured, they will easily keep through the winter into May at room temperature, with no shrinkage or loss of flavour.

2) Nutritional Powerhouses: Loaded with Vitamin A, beta-carotene, fibre and anti-oxidants, and being a low glycemic addition to your plate, you set yourself up for good health with one of these bad boys on your plate.

3) Fully Edible: Both the tubers and the leaves of the vine are edible and delicious.  The leaves can be used like spinach, and are tender and tasty.

4) Easy to propagate: By saving a few potatoes through the winter, you have all the materials you need to start slips for the summer.  A month or so before you intend to plant (these puppies want warm soil, so plan for a June planting), stick a few sweet potatoes in water so half is submerged, the other half above water.  Within a few weeks the potatoes will root out and start to form leaves and vines.  You can then cut off those vines, stick them in water and within a couple more weeks, you have yourself a bunch of sweet potato slips rooted out and ready to plant.

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