June Jammin'


The rhubarb patch keeps on giving this year, and sparked the start of our annual preservation efforts.  We’ve created some wonderful low and no-sugar fruit spreads, in limited edition batches.  I am proud to offer these alternatives to conventional jams.  Our fruit spreads contain only a fraction of the sugar, and do not leave you with that ‘furry teeth’ feeling.  When you take out all of that refined sweetness, you experience the real fruit.  We will be bringing them to the Just Food Farm Stand (at 2389 Pepin Court beginning July 7th).

In my humble opinion, the vanilla-ginger rhubarb combination is both refreshing and bright, with subtle notes from the vanilla bean and ginger.  The rosy red rhubarb produces a very pretty spread, equally delicious on a cracker, stirred into yogurt or used as a glaze on barbecue veggies…  The blueberry-rhubarb blend has the richness of those deep blue berries, offset with the tang of rhubarb, mmmmm!

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