Tree Rescue

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In fact this post is not about my bridge-grafting operation to save a Clapp pear tree that was ringed by mice over the winter…

In our recent organic certification inspection, the conversation came around to what tree seedlings were growing.  Along came a proclamation from someone that they “will never grow butternut”.  I can only assume, this is for fear of the dreaded butternut canker that can inflict trees.  This is in fact why we started a whole bunch of butternut trees from seed last year.  We are happy to be a part of the Butternut Rescue team, and hope that by actively growing more butternut trees, we help save these beautiful zone 3 hardy, delicious food suppliers from extinction.

I am pleased to see the little trees have managed their way up through the thistles, and look happy and healthy at this point.  Yay!

The pear tree also looks like it will pull through!

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